About HUB TX

HUB TX is an Intelligent Reporting System resulting from the digital transformation for the complicated and tedious HUB reporting process. In today’s digital age, organization and procurement leadership team adopt advanced technology to streamline the operation to be more efficient, transparent, and compliant. With technology, people can focus on the results instead of spending valuable time on the tedious work to acquire those results. HUB TX is a product of SunNet focused on helping procurement and HUB Outreach team to gain the biggest benefits.

Assists in Compliance and Audits

Assist procurement department be compliant and have traceable tracker to support the audit process.

Save Your Time

You already have much of the data you need sitting in CMBL. HUB TX gathers the CMBL HUB vendors’ data for you so you can just import it when creating the RFP sent record.

Easy Set up to Follow Business Process for HUB Reporting Data Collection

Establish an online HUB reporting process for buyers and HUB team to follow and centralize the HUB reporting data. Automate complicated Biennial Reporting process.

Oversees Real Time HUB Goal Progress. Help HUB Program Performance

Allow Procurement Management Team and HUB Manager to oversee the HUB reporting process. Ensures HUB reporting process execution and transparency. HUB specialist and buyer can use expanding my HUB vendor lists to help HUB outreach.

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