Supplemental Report

Explore how HUB TX can simplify, speed up, and organize your reporting.

Reimagine the much faster and easier way you work with HUB TX supplemental report

Create, centralize, and verify required information of bid records online.
Search the CMBL HUB Vendors on HUB TX web page.
Save CMBL search results to create your vendor list and grow your list for future reuse.

Just few clicks to prepare your report

Manually generating a semi-annual HUB supplemental compliance is unnecessarily time consuming and headache-inducing. With this newly implemented application, HUB Manager can conveniently generate HUB Supplemental Reports with a couple clicks.

Establish a reporting process

This helps all buyers and HUB staff to create and centralize their individual bid records and complete it online. The new HUB supplemental reporting tool helps buyers and HUB teams work more efficiently and stay at the top of their game. Teams collaborating can now follow this simple reporting process work more efficiently.

Better compliance

The system verifies that all the required data is entered to help users ensure their records are complete. Having more complete and accurate data help organizations stay compliant. Ultimately, the risk of audit failures is reduced.

A very cost-effective and expense saving solution

Based on the total number of users, you can pick the right package that fits your organization’s needs.

Calculate your ROI

Your team can become much more efficient and dedicate more time towards more important business segments. Your organization can receive a huge return on investment via better team performance.

System set up, training, and management

SunNet HUB TX take care of your business IT needs, including system set up, training, and management. Your team can focus on other important areas of your operations.

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